Know what's going on with Irene...

This is Irene, a busy executive and sample customer within our Universal Profile Management system. If Irene were your customer, you'd know...

  • Her On-Site Activity
    Irene visited your website 5 times in last month (spent 21 minutes onsite)
  • Referring Search Activity
    Did Google search by company name and location on September 13th
  • Email Activity
    Opened 4 emails. Last email open was on October 5th.
    Clicked 3 times overall
  • Device and Mobile Activity
    Engaged with an iPad, iPhone and Windows XP. Signed up for text offers
  • Display Advertising Exposures
    37 ad impressions served (last viewed on September 17)
  • Facebook Profiles & Activity
    "Likes" include Marriage Boot Camp, Guy Kawasaki and P90X
  • Specific Enterprise Customer Data
    Ordered $54.52 of product on September 20th and $34.70
    on September 27th
  • Propensity Modeling
    Customer Segment is Mid-Week Family; RFM Cell 100
  • Purchase History Details
    Orders on Thursdays only
  • Online and Offline Offers and Promotions
    Received direct mail (database mailing) week of 10/7 based on
    0-60 day criteria
  • Content Based on Explicit Preferences
    Weekday specials; Family-plan savings