Know what's going on with Suzanne...

Here's Suzanne, a Master Gardener and sample customer within our Universal Profile Management system. If Suzanne were your customer,
you'd know...

  • On-Site Activity
    Suzanne visited your site 3 times in the past month (14 minutes onsite);
    8 page views total
  • Inbound and Onsite Search Activity
    Did Bing search by product name on October 14th
  • Email Engagement Activity
    12 emails sent last month, 5 opened (4 on her iPhone 4S)
    Last email open on October 27th. Clicked 3 times overall
  • Specific Device and Mobile Activity
    Engaged with OS X Mountain Lion and iPhone 4S device via Verizon
  • Display Advertising Exposures
    Received 17 ad impressions (last viewed on October 28)
  • Social Activity and Login Engagement
    Yahoo Group "I hate Martha Stewart"; "Likes" include Gardening While
    Intoxicated, ELLE, "Weeds" - Pinned 2 images from your site
  • Enterprise Customer Data
    Enrolled in loyalty program in June 2011
  • Propensity Modeling
    Landscape Segment is English Garden Affluent;
    Online Propensity Decile 3
  • Online and In-store Purchase History
    Pre-ordered summer items in April; Scanned QR code for customer
    reviews; bought 4 items from iPad2 last month (total of $324.81)
  • Effectiveness of Offers and Promotions
    Spring Fling campaign email coupon redeemed (June 2012);
    monthly newsletter subscriber (since May 2009)
  • Customize Content Based on Explicit Preferences
    English Gardening; outdoor rooms; statuary