Know what's going on with Harry...

Here's Harry, a sample customer within our Universal Profile Management system. You can see the level of detail of cross-channel data that's both available and actionable. Only Knotice offers such a seamless, unified view of the customer, so you know what's really going on.

  • Leverage On-Site Activity
    6 visits to your site (38 minutes onsite) for 28 page views
  • Understand Referring Search Activity
    2 Google searches by your product name on September 18th
  • Follow Email Activity
    12 emails sent, 8 opened (3 on his Android device)
  • Know Device and Mobile Activity
    Engaged with IE 8 on Windows XP and Verizon Android (RAZR M) device
  • Capture Display Advertising Exposures
    27 ad impressions served (last on September 4)
  • Go Deeper with Facebook Profiles & Activity
    "Likes" include 50 Shades of Grey, BMW, Barron's
  • Pull In Enterprise Customer Data
    Enrolled in loyalty program for online savings and in-store special events
  • Inform Propensity Modeling
    Landscape Segment is Silver Leisure Affluent; Online Propensity Decile 3
  • Add Relevance with Purchase History
    2 mobile purchases from his Kindle Fire (total of $247.71)
  • Optimize Offers and Promotions
    Welcome 20% off SMS coupon redeemed (June 2012)
  • Customize Content Based on Explicit Preferences
    Quality Casual; color group: "spice"; Size XL; shoe 10W; email receipts